Wood Elves

Wood Elves

Wood elves are physically similar to their high elf kin. They equal them in beauty and grace, and have unsurpassed agility. Wood elves wear simple hides and furs, camouflaged to allow them to fade among the trees. Their forest life teaches them to move without trace through the most tangled terrain. Their home, Athel Loren, is a great forest that hugs the southern foothills of the Grey Mountains between the Empire and Bretonnia. Outsiders dare not enter these strange woods, for a powerful magic protects the trees.

The wood elves wander in small kinbands, forever guarding their forests. They emerge from the foliage like ghosts, striking down intruders before vanishing mist-like into the undergrowth. Wood elves revere all arboreal life, and despise those who despoil the forests, whether men, dwarfs, or greenskins, but reserve their bitterest hatred for Chaos, which warps the natural world.

Wood Elves in the Reikland
Wood elves seldom venture from their sylvan retreats, for they care little of the world beyond Athel Loren. However, a decade ago, Naieth the prophetess foresaw the death of the forest, and both Orion and Ariel acknowledge that the fate of their realm is intertwined with the fate of the wider world. Thus they have directed the wood elves to hunt their enemies beyond Athel Loren. Kinbands now roam the Reikwald Forest, hunting beastmen breeding in its shadowy depths. Sometimes individuals step from the trees to ally with the causes of men, when they coincide with their own concerns. Also, legend speaks of the Lost Kindred who long ago migrated across the Grey Mountains. Their descendants may yet haunt the most remote parts of the Reikwald.
Now the Reikwald Kinbands are threatened by the encroachment of civilisation, which they resist by force if necessary. The exact locations of the Elves’ settlements remains secret, but human woodsmen are aware of the areas best avoided.

Over time, the forest’s edges have receded with the proliferation of humanity. Despite repeated negotiation between the races to limit deforestation, the damage has accelerated. In recent years, many trees have been cleared for the construction of new signal towers. Emboldened by their dominion over nature, the Reikland humans’ fear of the fay has all but disappeared. The recent opening of the Weissbruck Canal linking the River Bögen to the River Reik has cut the Reikwald Forest in two, dividing the remaining Kinbands.

The following are known woodelves who live in the Reikwald Forest:

Limgulon (m) Spellweaver

Aglonor(m) Glade Guard

-Were it not for the humans, the nexus would still be under our control. do not forget that it is a human that currently holds sway over the vile beastmen.
-Teclis was a fool to teach magic to these mewling whelps, they are corrupt! I dare to say that even this one (point at wiz) is corrupted and in league with Babanaga!
-Our scouts report an Imperial army camping in the south They are bound for the Black Monolith and these are their spies.

Annuniel (m) Waywatcher/Master of the Hunt

Iphandis (f) Wardancer (princess)
_-We have worked long and hard to keep the redfang goblins isolated from Warboss Gazbag, now that the balance is upset, they will certainly join the Waagh and invade our lands from the
-It’s those resentful stumpmen, still angry from the great war that sabotage our defences!
-We should take all their beards before we take their heads!
-and what about the continuous destruction of our domain?! This Village of Uder is simply nothing more than a veiled attempt to invade our lands. _

Lannith (f) Waywatcher/harper

Ewendelin (f) Queen

Wood Elves

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