The 4th Reikswatch Company

The 4th Reikswatch Company is one of the dedicated armies that are charged with protecting the borders of the empire.
The 4th in particular is designated to be a response army, able to counter any threat in the southern part of the empire.

The Reikland is the most powerful province in the Empire, not just in political and financial matters, but also in terms of industrial might and military strength. Its soldiers are traditionally uniformed in white, although in practice this often tends to be off-white colours such as fawn, cream or pale grey. Reikland is the province that Karl Franz calls home and the soldiers from this wealthy heartland of the Empire consider themselves superior to all others.

Throughout the Empire Reiklanders are commonly supposed to embody the discipline and loyalty of the professional warrior. Brave and well-versed in the arts of war, Reiklanders disdain fashionable clothing in favour of well-made and practical wargear. In battle they often wear coloured ribbons as marks of identification or authority.
Reikland soldiers are accustomed to the demands of military discipline and have a strongly developed loyalty between officers and men.

A strong tradition of martial training is also responsible for the high standards of archery amongst the people of Reikland.

At the moment the army is composed thus:

The 4th Reikswatch Company, currently consists of +-150 men.

90 infanterists, of which 30 pikemen, 20 halberdiers and 40 swordsmen
50 ranged infantery of which 20 scouts 30 archers

Also, a group of about another 100 people are camp followers, providing food and provisions among other services.

The 4th Reikswatch Company

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