The Black Monolith


Session 2 can be downloaded here:

Session 2 MP3

What happened before:

Guntram, an enigmatic Grey Wizard aprentice, Osric, an initiate if Sigmar and Hagen, a Zealot are part of the 4th Reikswatch company.

The 4th has recently fought at the border of the Grey Mountains, holding back a horde of undead who were driven back from Parravon, Brettonia. Although suffering a large number of casualties, the Reiksguard pushed back the undead into the mountains with the help of a clan of Dwarves from Karak Norn.
Our story begins when the Company is licking its wounds after the battle.

After our heroes walk about the camp they meet eachother and socialize with some soldiers, They learn that The 4th Reikswatch Company, currently consists of +-150 men Commanded by Captain Jehannes Helmuttson and Sergeant Gotthard Steinmann. Also, a group of about another 100 people are camp followers, providing food and provisions among other services.
The camp is stationed at the border of the town called Reinsfeld (pop. +- 100), near the ruins of Castle Rabensflug. Reinsfeld is a poor community that lives from agriculture & timber.

Despite their attempts the heroes are unable to get more decicive information on the origin of the undead threat.

While they are talking they are summoned by Captain Helmuttson who has commandeered the local tavern. He has been talking to the mayor who told him that the nearby Reikswald Forest is crawling with dangers, beastmen and greensins among them. Futhermore he has recieved orders to move the army towards the fortress in Merxheim.
In order to avoid any possible ambush along the way, the captain is sending teams of scouts into the woods. Our heroes are one such team.

After some preparation the heroes enter the forest and after a while they come upon traces of blood. Before they know it they are charged by a small group of Beastmen. A vicious fight ensues where Hagen loses a finger and Osric is wounded as well. With some effort and teamwork, the heroes manage to defeat the beastmen who make a run for it and dissapear into the woods.

Session 3
Tarts & Trolls

Our heroes battle goblin wolfriders and discover a strange captive in the greenskin camp.

Download the session here:

Session 3 MP3

Session 4
Off with their beards!

When returning to the army camp, our heroes are captured by a band of angry Wood Elves.

The adventurers are dragged before the Wood Elf Queen and are forced to plead for their lives!

In this session we use the Social Conflict Mechanics of WFRP and discuss them afterwards.

You can listen to it here:

Session 4 MP3

Session 5

Our heroes are back in camp. They learn of a stolen artefact from the portable Sigmar Temple and prepare to leave to Merxheim.

During their travels they encounter a chain gang that is clearing trees and decide to save them from the arrows of Wood Elves.

Halfway their journey they come upon a dilapidated tavern that is under siege by a band of Beastmen.

Listen to the session here:

Session 5 MP3

Session 6
Goat Hill Tavern

A short session bacause we had to do some bookkeeping and get rid of some software errors.

The fight at the tavern comes to an end. The heroes learn that a Witch came looking for something shortly before the attack.

The owner of the tavern gives the heroes a strange sword that was given to her by her father.

Listen to the session here: Session 6 MP3

Session 7
Arrival in Merxheim

Our heroes arrive in Merxheim They set up shop in the Fortress and get acquainted with the city and some of its residents.
that night however, the heroes are awakened by shouts of alarm, several buildings are on fire!
The heroes spot some cloaked figures with torches and quickly go in pursuit.

Turns out these figures are mutants who try to set the city on fire, our heroes valiantly intervene.

Due to a server crash, we lost the recording of this session, should you have downloaded it, pls contact the GM. Thanks

Session 8
Merxheim Sewers

Hot on the heels of pyromaniac mutants, the heroes discover an abandoned house that belongs to the head of the Merchant Guild: Lord Emmerich Shifmann

Unable to enter trough the front door, our heroes decide to sneak in trough the sewers. However, a massive mutant stands guard below the house.

Due to a server crash, we lost the recording of this session, should you have downloaded it, pls contact the GM. Thanks

Session 9
Return to the cursed house

Introducing two new heroes, a Barber-Surgeon and a Halfing Agitator

Our heroes return to the surface to take care of their injuries, the encounter Rutger Von Heling who agrees to lend them his aid.
Returning to the sewers, they also ancounter Anya Cherryblossom and together they sneak into the abandoned house.
They discover all sorts of foul evidence and in the attic, they are attacked by a shadow demon.

Due to a server crash, we lost the recording of this session, should you have downloaded it, pls contact the GM. Thanks

Session 10
Tie up loose ends

The heroes piece together all their evidence and plan their next course of action.

Listen to the session here: Session 10 MP3

Session 11
In pursuit of Lord Shifmann

The adventurers are hot on the heels of the chaos worshipping scum Lord Shifmann and his cronies. They return to the Goat Hill Tavern and Reinsfeld.
They witness a full fledged Waaagh! coming down hard on the remote town and when they make their way trough the mountains, they are set upon by greenskins.

Listen to the session here: Session 11 MP3


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