Sergeant Gotthard Steinmann

The unhappy soldier


Sergeant Gotthard Steinmann is quite young for a Sarge (26), but he has been serving in th 4th since he was 14 years old. The horrors he has seen have left him with a perpetual look of sadness. When he is not sad, he is bored. he keeps his uniform in an impeccable state and always carries his trusty spear.
He takes great pains to shave and wash regulary and views cleanliness as something of utmost importance.


Even though he always looks unhappy or sad, he is well liked by the men under his command. He is also a very pious man who worships Sigmar, Shallya and Mirmydia with equal vehemence.
He has a strong predjudice towards any outsider of the Reik, such as Bretonnians and especially Stigian gypsies, who he blames for averything that can go wrong in the army camp.
As a veteran of countless Battles of the 4th Reikswatch Company he has seen his share of bloodshed and misery, but at the same time he is very knowledgeable on tactics and abillities of his previous opponents, including the undead, greenskins and chaos forces.

Sergeant Gotthard Steinmann

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