Osric Werner (retired)

Human Initiate of Sigmar



Osric is now 19 years old and stands at 5’10, weighing around 185 lbs he is well muscled from a life of physical activity. When he became an Initiate he shaved his head to represent the beginning of his new life, now it is starting to grow back showing its light brow colour. His eyes are a very light blue.



The youngest child of Gunther and Lena Werner three children, Osric grew up on one of the small farms surrounding Geissbach. This simple but hard life changed when the family was forced to flee their home due to beastmen raiding the surrounding countryside, in the ensuing destruction both Gunther and Lena gave their lives in order to buy their children more time to escape. Osric and his brothers headed to Ubersreik, the nearest place of sufficient strength to offer safety to the victims of the raids, once within Ubersreik both of Osric’s older brothers joined the local militia to avoid becoming beggars and hoping to avenge themselves on the foul creatures that destroyed their home.

Being only 12 Osric wasn’t allowed to join the militia, although this didn’t stop him from trying. Filled with a burning hatred of the creatures that had left him homeless and split up his family he tried to attach himself to the army gathering to push back the beastmen in any way he could, from simple fetch and carry to helping tend animals but was rejected at every turn.

Fortune smiled when Johan Reinhardt, a warrior priest of Sigmar, took notice of his unsuccessful attempts to join the fighting men and saw the potential of such dogged determination. He took the boy to the town’s Temple of Sigmar and bade him join the order so one day he could help defend the people of the Empire so other families might not suffer the same fate as his. In awe of the priest Osric heeded his words and strove to join the Temple, after much toil and testing he gained admittance to the Temple and worked even harder to prove himself worthy of being an Initiate of Sigmar.

While the menial labour and more demanding physical tasks Osric was required to perform never phased him, learning to read and write proved to be quite the challenge for him and while he can now do both he dislikes having to read out loud due as he still finds himself having to sound out words or go slowly.

After seven years working, learning and praying in the Temple of Sigmar Osric was finally deemed worthy and made an Initiate of Sigmar and with the recent troubles in the Grey Mountains many of the surroundings Temples of Sigmar have asked for Volunteers to go and lend their aid to the Empire soldiers and Dwarves involved in the fighting. Osric was among the first to volunteer, now 19 he is a faithful Sigmarite and believes it is the duty of every loyal son and daughter of the Empire to defend the nation Sigmar created.

Osric Werner (retired)

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