Lord Emmerich Shifmann

Posh and corrupted Noble, heads the Merchant guild



Lord Emmerich Shiffmann is the last of the noble Shifmann line. The family has achieved Noble status some 1OO years ago after funding the troops of the empire during the Waaagh! Grom.
Waaagh! Grom was one of the most destructive and sucessful Waaaghs! ever. It was led by Grom the Paunch, a Goblin warlord from the Broken Axe Tribe. He and his army defeated the Dwarfs and invaded The Empire, vanquishing several of its armies and ravaging several of its provinces. Building a fleet, he later invaded Ulthuan, the homeland of the High Elves, where he was finally defeated by Eltharion.
The Shiffmann family started out as builders, sellers and managers of ships but they quickly expanded to funding lucrative expeditions, money lendering and the import/export of goods.
Emmerich is not married and has no heirs nor siblings. A few years ago he was finally able to oust his competitor and claimed the head of Merxheim’s Merchant guild. The leading members of the Merchant Guilds became very important members of Merxheim, controling local trade and negociating taxes with the ruling Lords and Mayor.

Lord Emmerich Shifmann

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