Huber Greengrove

Amaible if obsessive halfling cook


Food. Everybody needs it, and most love it. The halfling Hubert Greengrove shares this passion with most for eating food, but also, he loves to cook it. As a young hobbit he loved food, and by the age of 34, he left his safe, cosy shire to travel to the Empire and more importantly Dame Sausade’s Cooking School. Now the, as he puts it, chiefly chief chef, in the 4th Reikwald Company, Hubert lives his passion for food.

Though Hubert’s skin is pale his face is often flushed, especially while cooking. Rosy red cheeks sit on either side of a rather large, and often red, nose. Above these cheeks beam two radiant orbs, full of mirth. These eyes are hazel in colour and pale, like his skin. Arching over these eyes are two brown, large eyebrows. Matching these in colour, Hubert has brown curly hair on top of his head as is common for many a halfling, as well as on his feet. He has this trimmed much shorter however than most other hobbits would.

Hubert is a kind fellow, greeting those who pass by his busy kitchen. In fact, he is exactly how one would imagine a hobbit. Short, sweet, and full of mirth. Around friends a hearty laugh is by far his favourite tool. Those who know him will tell you that he has a rather quirky nature, but it’s to his benefit. All in all, Hubert is a friendly hobbit.


Huber Greengrove

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