Herman Shlusselhalter

Dedicated but ineffective Mayor of Merxheim



Herman Shlusselhaler is the de facto ruler of Merxheim, he responds only to the Baroness Von Kush, who lives in Altdorf and he is her voice in all that concerns the city.
In his youth he fought as a Mercenary for various factions, but the fearsomes sights and atrocities he witnessed have left him mentally scarred for life. Herman is a sad man, having lost his wife to the Ghoulpox five years ago while his only son has estranged from him and lives in Nuln.
Herman returned to Merxheim after his soldier years as a wealthy and powerful man.
Despite his success afterwards as a buisinessman (he owns the water mill and heads the woodlogger guild) he is unable to quell the unrests in the slums of his city nor is he able to reduce the power of the various guilds, most of all the Thieves guild.

Herman Shlusselhalter

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