Helwig von Schrader


“My father was a slouch, a debaucher and a heretic. The Empire is greater for the destruction of my house”

-Helwig von Schrader

A child of the moderately important and quite wealthy House Schrader of Altdorf, Helwig was not a child with many wants, and yet, he was never happy. He loved the stories of Sigmar Heldenhammer, of how he had united the savage tribes and forged a mighty empire, how he had defended humanity with his own hands from the terrors that beset them.
But Helwig saw none Sigmar in his father, Frederich Schrader was a perpetually wine-soaked and impossibly incompetent man with none of the business sense or courage of his Helwig’s grand-father.
As the years passed and Helwig grew he came to hate his father, and his entire family furiously. He would, for the most part, play the well-mannered and loyal son, if only because he could only take so many beatings, but inside he was fuming.

The years were not kind to House Schrader, his fathers boundless narcissism and incompetence had led House Schrader down a path of ruin, the money was drying up, and what money there was his father would spend on fine wines, extravagant feasts, and women instead of using it to further Sigmar’s Empire as it is intended for.
At the age of 15 Helwig had had enough, he departed his home, not bringing a penny of the wealth of his house, viewing it as tainted. He sought refuge in the great temple of Sigmar in Altdorf, his noble name would have allowed him to easily be inducted into the Priesthood of the temple, but Helwig chose to withhold it from the priests, choosing to instead earn his room and board with hard labour.
A priest there saw great potential in Helwig and after only a year’s stay at the Temple, he was made an Initiate of the Temple.

Shortly after his induction into the Temple Helwig returned home for the first time in over a year. But he certainly didn’t find what he had expected at his old home.
He returned to a manor completely empty of people, not a even a servant was to be seen. He wandered around the great manor for a while before stumbling into the basement.
The great basement that had been used to store wine when Helwig left was now strangely empty of wine racks, the walls were cowered in drapes boasting strange symbols, and at the far end a great Altar had been erected, stains of blood clearly visible on the stonework.
Helwig immediately returned to the temple in a red-sighted haze of rage and tears. He informed his mentor of what he had seen and told him his actual identity.
The witch-hunters raided the House Schrader that very night. The entire family and several other nobles were found in the middle of a horrid deviant display of heresy in the basement Shrine, not one of them escaped that room with their life.
All remaining holdings of the House Schrader were seized by the Empire, much to the satisfaction of Helwig, he stayed with the temple for several years, further studying the lore of Sigmar, and honing his martial skills so that he might better fight the enemies of Sigmar.

Recently Helwig has been growing restless in the Temple, frustrated with his inability to take the fight the enemies of the Empire, so when his mentor brought up a town named Merxheim and the devastation that had recently befallen it, Helwig jumped at the opportunity to investigate the goings on, and to potentially help the town and vanquish whatever might threaten the it.

His mentor gave him one, simple command:

“Don’t come back until that town is safe”

Helwig von Schrader

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