Guntram Schaffner

Enigmatic Grey Wizard Apprentice


Guntram Schaffner (aka Torsten Keibronk)

Torsten Keibronk (° 2529)

He was born the next to youngest of 7 siblings, growing up near Dunkelberg. Son of Wolgang (° 2500
† 2535) and Mathilda Keibronk (° 2503 † 2534), brother of in descending order; Werner (° 2519 †
2535), Ulrich (° 2521), Gregor (° 2524 † 2541), Helena (° 2528) and Anke (° 2534).

His parents worked the lands for Engelbert Dortmans, the lord of Adlerspitze, one of the outposts
near Dunkelberg. He lost his mother when he was only 1 year old. She died giving birth to his
youngest sister Anke.

Only a few months later, an attack on Adlerspitze claimed the life of his fathers as well his oldest
brother. He allegedly drowned in the Sondel river which was flooded to wipe out the chaos attack in
year 2535 at the foot of the grey mountains near the Amboss pass. It was in this event that he got
separated from the rest of his family.

Torsten had always been more at ease on his own, spending a lot of time wandering in the lands
surrounding Adlerspitze. The only one he ever trusted to be around being a small kid, was Elke
Hanssohn, a girl his age and the daughter of Gustaf Hanssohn, the forester of the woods near

On the day of the attack, Torsten sneaked out into the woods to meet up with Elke near the river,
but was swept away by the raging water of the flood.

All memories leading up to this event are because of the trauma, just fading images and disturbing
dreams he sometimes has.

Guntram Schaffner. (° 2535, the new name)

Conrad Schaffner was an old friend of Engelbert Dortmans. Both alse are members of the secret
society “Helldunkel” (Claire-obscure). While on a quest, Conrad learned about the imminent attack
on Adlerspitze and rushed back to his friend. Sadly only arriving a day after the attack took place.

Torsten was found and saved by Conrad, a former Grey Wizzard, who raised him as his own son.
He himself was once married but had no children of his own. It was from him that Torsten’s got the
name Guntram Schaffner.

When he was old enough, Conrad took his son to Altdorf to be formed as a Grey Wizard in the wizard
school and steamed and has recently joined the 4th Reikswatch Company.

During the time Gutram spent in the wizard school, Conrad has been missing or was killed during a
mission he was sent on, or at least so he has heard.

Since then, two of his former teachers, Alexander Renke and Albert Schweitzer, have taken great
interest in the life of Guntram. Secretly aiding him along and arranging his attachment to the 4 th
Reikswatch Company.

As a Grey Wizzard, Guntram tends to keep his deeper intentions to himself. Being raised by a father
who himself has had many years of service for the Empire and raised for half of his life in Altdorf, he
himself is strongly pulled toward upholding everything he believes in. In the first place the sanctity of
the Empire under Karel Frantz, the current ruler.

Sigmar and Myrmidia are his spiritual guides as he is now on the road deployed with his company in
the Grey Mountains.

Reoccurring dreams:


Hopping around in a green and lush forest. Coming near a river. A silhouette of a young blonde girl
sitting on a tree stump. Colors shifting to blue and white. Girl disappearing as he seems to slowly fly
away as the the blue and white colors get more and more intense.

Big tree in forest and what seems to be movement near. Sometimes faint voices can be heard from in
the tree top. Guntram starts to run towards it, but he never gets near.

Walking around in a house that feels quite familiar, but is not the one he was raised in. Always
finding doors and passages that lead somewhere, but when he reaches them, he wakes up.

More recent:

Standing on a hill top, a giant shadow of a bat passes by. Mixed feelings of anxiety, fear and trust
overwhelm Guntram. Most of the time his fear wins, he runs away and falls of a cliff. Lately, more
and more he seems to be able to overcome the fear and the shadow seems to hover over him, filling
him with a feeling of trust.

Wolfgang Keibronk: Guntram’s biological father, died in 2533 during the battle for Adlerspitze.

Mathilda Keibronk: Guntram’s mother, died while giving birth to Anke, Guntram’s youngest sister.

Werner Keibronk: Guntram’s oldest brother, also died in the defense of Adlerspitze.

Ulrich Keibronk: Second oldest brother, currently part of the guards of Dunkelberg, raised by the
Hanssohn family.

Gregor Keibronk: Guntram’s third oldest brother, died of plague infection, raised by the Hanssohn

Helena Keibronk: Oldest sister, raised by and still living with the Hanssohn family.

Anke Keibronk: Youngest sister, born deaf and mute. Also living with the Hanssohn family. Evil
tongues claim she took the spirit of her mother at birth and was punished by the gods for doing so.

Gustaf and Liesel Hanssohn: Foresters of the woods surrounding Adlerspitze. Took Guntram’s
surviving siblings in after the attack on Adlerspitze.

Elke Hanssohn: Youngest daughter of Gustaf and Liesel. Guntram’s best friend leading up to age of six
when he disappeared.

Conrad Schaffner: Grey wizard and raised Guntram. Member of Helldunkel

Engelbert Dortmans: Former lord of Adlerspitze, member of Helldunkel

Alexander Renke: Guntram’s former teacher literature and magic writing. Member of Helldunkel,
persuaded Albert Schweitzer to put Guntram in the 4th Reikswatch company to send him to the grey

Albert Schweitzer: One of Guntram’s teachers at the school of magic. Got Guntram joining the 4 th
Reikswatch company. Alexander Renke and Albert Schweitzer

Helldunkel: info still to come

Guntram Schaffner

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